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Where are the usergroups?

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Auteur Bericht

Posts: 79
Woonplaats: Amsterdam Netherlands

BerichtGeplaatst: Do Mrt 04, 2004 22:26 
   Onderwerp: Where are the usergroups?
Reageer met quote

There is an option called 'Usergroups' in the forum site that doesn' t work so far. Sad It could be a great addition to the site.

Anyone could come in and post messages, and the groups could become the breeding ground for activities in real life as well.

A few examples of special interest groups that could start here:

- a group for deaf gays in Amsterdam. Some years ago they used to gather in the April Bar; maybe theyre still doing that. The theme group
could be a place to announce these gatherings.
- a theme group on interior architecture. Gays have special talents for that I heard. People could exchange ideas, organize trips to model
homes or furniture manufacturers.
- a theme group for expats and immigrants learning Dutch. Dutchmen who would like to teach and support could post there too of course.
- a gym buddies group, for people who need a buddy to maintain a rigid training scheme.
- a restaurant review & gossip group. Johannnes van Dam is not the only gay who could make and demolish restaurant's reputations! This
could also be a place to find people for a restaurant date.
- the book lovers club, for info about books. Not just the new and glamorous ones. Anyone can post about reading experiencees here, or ask
others for advice.

It's easy to make this list much longer of course but I hope these few examples will do. Cool

Who likes my idea? Tom can add these groups to the site with a few strokes of his magic wand, but would people use them?
Naar boven
Gay Amsterdam Profile

Posts: 116
Woonplaats: Amsterdam

BerichtGeplaatst: Vr Mrt 05, 2004 20:07 
   Onderwerp: usergroups
Reageer met quote

Actually that looks like a really good idea.
And yes, it is very easy to add.

However, so far what we see is that it looks like people are a bit shy to post things.

What might be an idea is to integrate it more with the dating area, I'm for ex. thinking of displaying on users profile page, if they are a
member of a usergroup, the group that profile is a member of. A part from the, in my view, good ideas for groups posted by norbertb earlier,
we might for ex. add fetish, kinky sex, vanilla etc.

But indeed, if you would like us to add a feature like that, it's already there, it only asks for our activation and profile-integration
(which won't be much more then an hour or so), post it hear. 'd Be more then happy to integrate it. Laughing
Naar boven
Gay Amsterdam Profile Bekijk de homepage

BerichtGeplaatst: Zo Sep 05, 2004 7:35 
   Onderwerp: people
Reageer met quote

For me, it would be a great idea, to be able to make something other than a contact for dating or a hook up.

There doesn't seem to be a real way to meet people with similar interests, or to start a group so it might work well.

I would definately use this option
Naar boven

Posts: 116
Woonplaats: Amsterdam

BerichtGeplaatst: Zo Sep 05, 2004 15:22 
Reageer met quote

we are busy with the sites now anyway, so if I get enough private messages requesting it I will built it in

Btw, party section is another way to hook up, although still working on that (http://guide.gayamsterdam.com/party/ )

Thanks for your feedback!

Naar boven
Gay Amsterdam Profile Bekijk de homepage

BerichtGeplaatst: Ma Sep 27, 2010 20:57 
Reageer met quote

i'm new registered here, i'd like to say thanks to all the mods here,
i have read a lot here and they helped me a lot.
Many thanks,
Naar boven
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