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BerichtGeplaatst: Di Dec 16, 2003 16:20 
Reageer met quote

The ITC Hotel,

My boyfriend and I arrived here on November 28th, 2003, after our plane landed, about 8:30am. We were greeted with a lousy reception and we
felt very unwelcome. We thought we''d give the place a chance and chalked up the greeting to our own perception, even though the smelly,
dirty man at reception wasn''t happy about checking us in before the reception opened at 9am. I think he''s a little soft in the head. We
booked the ''Mirror Room'' as it had a king size bed, private facilities and a ?85 night rate. We confirmed the expression ''you get what
you pay for'' as the hotel itself was somewhat dusty and dirty, the window opened up to the back of the hotel which was almost a ventilation
shaft created by 4 different buldings. The advertised programming was non existent and then we found out that same day that the rest of the
staff was just as unpleasant as the guy at reception. Housekeeping kept coming in the room as early as 10:30am, did not bother to knock and
then came back !
about 4 times, again failing to knock and asking to get this or that task done. All we wanted was an hour to get ready to go out and it
seemed like too much to ask. When we came back later that evening, he didn''t even come back to make the bed or anything anyway. If my
boyfriend and I weren''t such big guys, I''d think he was trying to get a peek at us naked, which we were the first time he barged in. The
?7,5 for breakfast seemed outrageous for what appeared to be a stale and mealy self service breakfast with the smell of burnt coffee
lingering in the air. We were supposed to come back to ITC for the end of our trip and we cancelled the next reservation on the way out. The
woman at reception on Sunday morning demanded a ?20 cancellation fee and threatened to call the politie if we didn''t pay, since I told her
I wasn''t giving her 1 cent more. I gave her the ?20, reluctantly. We found a very nice clean and charming hotel
http://www.hoteldemunck.com/ just catty corner from!
The staff was absolutely charmi! and xtremely helpful. The breakfast was included and very tasty and we had help with our bags, and an
overall better room for ?80 per night. ITC Hotel is a pit, you''ll ruin your holiday if you stay there! Embarassed
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BerichtGeplaatst: Zo Jan 11, 2004 5:27 
   Onderwerp: hotel
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My boy and I are headed to Amsterdam early February. We are booked at the Anco, which handled the reservation, information etc. very well.
We tried to book the Black Tulip and could never get a response. I tried fax, email, phone...nothing. Looking forward to the trip and the
Anco was right on top of it. Two emails exchanged, booked and confirmed. Easy and very pleasant.
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BerichtGeplaatst: Do Feb 26, 2004 8:47 
   Onderwerp: Gay hotels
Reageer met quote

Why do you go to a gay hotel? it's so stupid to do it...
In Holland EVERYWHERE Are gay couples good received. It does not matter if you are homo bi or whatever...

You can go with your man to everyhotel in The Netherlands, that is not a problem.

I think that the problem is that there are many gay hotels that give the impression to the tourist that they have the only place where you
can sleep with your man and not been rejected... that is all lie...

I never sleep with my man in a gay hotel... because we just go to the "normal" ones, which have an excellent service and are well
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Posts: 2
Woonplaats: Albuquerque United States

BerichtGeplaatst: Do Feb 26, 2004 20:10 
   Onderwerp: gay hotel in Amsterdam?
Reageer met quote

Why do we stay in a gay hotel? We enjoy the company of men, gay men. We appreciate the understanding and welcoming environment (The Anco,
Amsterdam) and appreciate it greatly. Even in The Netherlands, My flogging the boy in our room, might not be so very accepted. We
understand your view and hope you appreciate the freedom you experience in The Netherlands. Living in the U.S., a critical, judgemental,
repressive environment, we wanted to fully immerse ourselves in the experience of freedom in Amsterdam. Absolutely would I repeat the
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Gay Amsterdam Profile

BerichtGeplaatst: Do Apr 22, 2004 6:04 
   Onderwerp: Gay Hotels in Amsterdam
Reageer met quote

We often stay in regular hotels, too, and rarely find a problem but in Amsterdam have often wanted to try a gay hotel.

In 2000 we stayed at the ITC - so pretty and charming from the outside, so unwelcoming and shabby on the inside - we would never, ever stay
there or recommend it. We took one look at breakfast the first morning and quickly left and had some wonderful fresh filled croissants and
coffee in a regular bakers shop.

Last week we stayed at the Golden Bear - the same traditional, typical Amsterdam style building as the ITC, but with a modern, contemporary
style bedroom - it was very nice and spotlessly clean, something that is important to us.

We have tried other places (e.g. Drakes) but if we are there for just a short break they don't allow stays of less than 3 nights.
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Posts: 1
Woonplaats: San Francisco United States

BerichtGeplaatst: Vr Jul 02, 2004 20:12 
   Onderwerp: IIC...first time I came to Amsterdam...never again
Reageer met quote

It was awful in the 80's too.

I've never had a problem flogging at any hotel in A'dam. (Granted I never stay at a tourist hotel.) The rooms are so well insulated.

I reccomend Hotel Le Coin. It's a business hotel but the staff is so warm, friendly and welcoming. Can't beat the location. And the quality
of the rooms is fantastic and surprising for the money. No breakfast, but every room has a kitchenette so go to the nearby market and have
coffee and breakfast in the room.

The only cleaner place I've stayed is a private Dutch home and well...they are Dutch!
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Gay Amsterdam Profile

BerichtGeplaatst: Di Nov 02, 2004 11:44 
Reageer met quote

i travel regular from the uk for wekends ect, i was goona stay at the itc, but i dont think ill bother now. I usually stay at the aero or
the orfeo.
both are gay hotels and dont rip you off on the pricing. the staff are very effecient and friendly. especially at the orfeo, where nothing
is too much trouble. ive stayed at the golden bear, and although clean i did feel that we were not welcome to sit downstairs and have coffee
ect during the day.
ill stick with those 2 now anyway, better the devil you know, as they say!
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Posts: 1
Woonplaats: Yorkshire United Kingdom

BerichtGeplaatst: Ma Mei 02, 2005 10:33 
   Onderwerp: Hotels
Reageer met quote

Have stayed at the Aero twice before and going back in june, Not had a problem with them. Rooms we have had are big and very nicely done.
Staff have been good breakfast excellent especially the Sunday Champagne breakfast.
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Gay Amsterdam Profile
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