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Netherlands laws and regulations about Gay

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Woonplaats: Shanghai China

BerichtGeplaatst: Vr Sep 07, 2007 15:44 
   Onderwerp: Netherlands laws and regulations about Gay
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I am a boy from Shanghai, China. Recently, there is an opportunity for me to work in Eindhoven and i will move there in about 2 months, if
everything goes smoothly. There are several issues, however, i need to know.
1) It is a truth universally acknowledged that gay marriage is legitimate in the Netherlands. What about for foreign gays? Can they get
married in Netherlands and what countries recognize their marriage? I wonder whether i can download the english version of marriage laws of
the netherland to study.
2) I will have to leave my bf, who holds a Chinese passport, behind and we will be seperated for about 2 years. That's horrbile. Neither do
i wish to give up the secondment opportunity. Do you have any suggestion for us?
3) Is it convenient to speak english only in netherlands?
4) What's the normal citizens' attitude toward gays in netherlands? Hostile or just just superficial friendly?
i really need your response. Thanks.
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Woonplaats: Den Haag Netherlands

BerichtGeplaatst: Za Sep 08, 2007 13:09 
   Onderwerp: Re: Netherlands laws and regulations about Gay
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Have you tried google with the words gay marriage Netherlands ?
(or same sex marriage)
Reults right at the top: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Same-sex_marriage_in_the_Netherlands#Marriage_legislation
That also tells you about recidency and more.
Over 2 million results on Google...
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